Ad Pitch

Vine is a free app that is rapidly growing in popularity.  The app, owned by Twitter, allows users to shoot and edit six-second videos that can be shared on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.  Vine offers a platform to expand from words and pictures and use video/audio to actually show an experience. With only six seconds, Vine is making its platform a “micro-video” service, just like Twitter made itself a “micro-blogging” service.

My idea is for an Oxford based media outlet, like, to do a series of Vines that showcase a “typical day” in Oxford.  For example, one Vine might showcase the dining experience at Big Bad Breakfast.  The Vine could show clips of the restaurant sign, the menu, the food, the coffee being poured, friends laughing, etc. could offer to highlight certain places in Oxford for a fixed fee.  This idea could be used to feature the shopping experiences, bars, restaurants, recreational activities, Ole Miss sporting events, etc. that Oxford has to offer.  The Vines would be real experiences by real people but it would also be a subliminal advertisement. 

The Vine app has so much potential and I think the advertising world will soon realize the opportunities it has to offer. 


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