Final Project Story Board

Eating Dirt

Nonlinear parts:

the lead – I am thinking about doing a soft lead or even a quote lead if I get a really outstanding quote that would hook the reader.

profiles of the main people – I definitely think the elderly, black lady Ms. Inez would be an interesting person to highlight.  Not only is she in her nineties but has lived off the land to a greater extent than most people.  She has a personality that could provide for a colorful story.

how something works – I want to explain start to finish the process of eating dirt.  How they find it, how they eat it and why they eat it are all questions I want to explore in the story.

the history of the event – Geophagy is rooted in cultural tradition.  I want to trace it back as far as I can and find out why it still exists.


I am toying around with the idea of doing video.  I think it would be one of the best ways to actually capture what I’m describing.  I also think the sources I have would definitely have strong personalities that could add a lot in a video package.


If the video element doesn’t work out, I want to have audio as one of the multimedia elements.  The rich, southern voices of my sources would be able to shine through audio.

Still photos:

I think two or three photos would be good for the story.  However, I don’t really have in mind a big slideshow or anything.


If I did a graphic, it would probably revolve around the health factor of the story.


I want my text to be descriptive and leap off the page for the reader.  I think this story would be a good chance for a cultural tradition to be put in print form instead of just being passed down orally.